• Alltudion WFC

Blackpool Tournament 2021

Group Games

Game 1 Worthing 2-1 defeat

Game 2 Shrewsbury 99ers 4-1 defeat

Game 3 Blackpool 2-1 defeat

Game 4 Blackfyne 2-1 win

Plate Game

1-1 draw

Beaten 5-4 on penalties


Roger Payne 4 goals

Mark Mellars 2 goals

Mark Fisher 1 goal

Rob Power 1 goal

Jim Gray 1 goal

Man of tournament

Roger Payne

What the manager had to say......

Looking back now , what a weekend. Full of drama of all sorts but all in all an excellent time.

Tournament didn't go our way but the teams involved were of a quality standard. We were always going to struggle against organised teams who train regularly, but we had heart and a never say die attitude. We worked hard as a group and although we didn't win a trophy we beat 1 team that did. As usual we got better as the day wore on, and it was a hard slog in the heat but that was the same for all teams.

As manager I'm proud to call them my team. They worked hard and didn't stop so I can't fault their application. Moving forward this can only be a good thing. They bonded as a big family and this was pleasing . They played for each other and the badge. We move forward as one to our next football adventure that bit closer and better equipped. Looking forward to more training sessions in future days

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